Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17: Day Three

Hola amigos,

So today happened. It was a good day, many laughs were shared along with great memories.

Our bus left bright and early, and we headed out to the Open Windows Foundation, the learning center. We met our DWC connection Theresa and Patrick, a Swiss man who has been volunteering with the organization. We were given a tour of the Children's Centre right away, then we were divided up into two groups and headed to our work sites where we will be building houses for the next week.  Before we started the work, we were taken to both of the work sites and given a background story on the families that we were building the house for. One woman had been saving up for eight years to purchase a small plot of land.

After a few hours of vigorous work, we were treated to lunch in the home of a local family. It was delicious, and we all had a big appetite. Then we were back to the grind, and worked again until 4:00. We mixed cement, carried a lot of bricks, and made re-bar, among other jobs.

Tonight we went out for dinner in Antigua with Mary, and luckily the menu was in English too so we knew what we were ordering! We enjoyed a nice, warm walk back to the hotel (it's definitely not winter here :-) ) and headed up to the terrace to end the night.

Guatemala is treating us well. We'll let you know how day 4 goes tomorrow!

Buenos Noches

The Guat Crew
DWC Participants & Sahali High School Students
Guatemala: March 2014

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