Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16: Day Dos LOL (translation: Day 2 jajaja)

Hi everyone! We are all sitting in the boys "penthouse" right now writing the blog post.

Today was another busy day here in Antigua. We started off with breakfast at Fernando's pretty early. Then we loaded onto the bus to head to the Pacaya Volcano... except it was the wrong bus heading to the airport. Luckily we got off and made our way to our actual destination. We drove through many little cities and saw a lot of garbage and crazy driving. A few of us got pretty car sick as the road was super twisty.

As soon as we got to the volcano we were swarmed by many little boys trying to rent us their walking sticks. We all rented one and made our journey up the volcano with the help of our tour guide Checha. He was an awesome tour guide and took us on an advanced route through poison ivy and many bushes. There were sections along the hike with pretty viewpoints and people trying to sell us food. We all got to try orange slices with salt because "when in Rome...". They were actually very good and fueled us for the rest of our journey.

On one of our pit stops we spotted a "little Tarzan" climbing a tree. Hooper felt the need to show off as well and quickly followed, along with Aidan and Robyn.

After the tree climb we continued on our way at a steady pace. We had some hiking buddies- a few friendly stray dogs. They were so cute and we shared our lunch with them. When we reached the volcanic ash we could definitely feel the warmth under our feet and roasted some marshmallows that we bought from the vendors (thanks Laurie, but Keegan forgot them at our hotel). We also saw some lava and a lot of steam.

After our long hike on the volcano we went to a pool. Mrs. Simpson told us it wasn't going to be that nice but we were pleasantly surprised. It was gorgeous! There were various pools and several levels- it looked like a castle!

We made our way back to the hotel for 4 o'clock. We had a bit of downtime then walked outside our hotel to watch a bit of the Roman Catholic Procession. It was very different from anything we have ever experienced.

Pizza was for dinner tonight and now we are resting from our long day. Our first day in San Miguel Duenas tomorrow to start our volunteer work.

Until tomorrow! :-)

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