Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 18: Cuarto Día

Today was another lovely day here in Guatemala. We started off the day with a delicious breakfast at Fernando's, the usual. Then it was off to San Miguel Duenos to begin a hard day of work. This year we have two sites we are working at. Keegan, Cole, Jalees, Erin, Rachel and Shelby/"Das Chavos" are are working at the first site for a mother with three children. Arjun, Robert, Aidan, Sarah, and Robyn/"Dirt Bags" are working at the second site for a family of four.

At the work site, there were many different jobs that had to be completed. Some of us started off with the backbreaking lifting of cinder blocks along with shoveling and sifting of dirt to make cement. We also created support for the walls from metal bars and wire. This takes an extreme amount of patience, partially due to the tools being dull and well used. We all became comfortable and confident after our first experience yesterday.

After breaking for another delicious lunch made by a family in the village, we spent the afternoon playing with the children and touring around the poorer regions. Most kids were extremely shy at first, but once they found out we had candy and toys they warmed up to us.

Before the end of our work day we walked as a group to the Finca Compound. This is an area where over 400 families move in and out of throughout the year. The children pick tobacco or coffee during the day and are unable to go to school. When we entered the compound, the children were hesitant towards us and did not understand why we were there. The conditions were very poor and most children did not have shoes or clean faces. Mary, one of our leaders, bought a big bag of candy to hand out to the kids. When we did, the kids swarmed hiding candies they had already gotten deep in their pockets. After getting them to calm down and telling them to share, they enjoyed what we had given them.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to the sites for another day of hard work, but for the time being we will enjoy the rest of our evening out on the terrace!

Adios por ahora!

The Guat Crew
DWC Participants & Sahali High School Students
San Miguel Duenas, Guatemala: March 2014

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