Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9th: Our journey begins...

So we begin our journey with a few minor bumps, Karnjiv getting escorted to the random security check line – oops, wrong line up! Next, Jordan’s comfort food gets confiscated… lastly, Amar loses his lunch during the drive into Antigua… Ms Brar graciously offers him the front seat…and then he, smiling, tells her she is sitting in his lunch…he then corrects himself and says she’s stepping in it… Our tired, hungry crew finally ends up at Fernado's Cafe in Antigua.  We listened to a variety of music (including Eminen, U2, and… Punjabi MC – for real!!) while we waited patiently for our food.

The next day, we woke up and went for a tour of the village, San Miguel Duenas, were our project is located.  This included an extremely long walk in the scorching heat, taking too many pictures, reading books with our little Spanish buddies, making the local kids cry with excitement (just by looking at them), creating crafts with the young kids, and the boys taking a nap…no, 2 naps – excluding Amar. We ended our evening with a romantic candlelight dinner which included complimentary breadsticks…and no enchiladas.

Tomorrow, the real work begins…bright and early… 

Panorama Ridge Secondary
DWC Team 
Guatemala, March 2012

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