Monday, August 22, 2011

August 20th: Goodbye Guatemala

The last day was a riot. We started it off by delivering stoves to a couple grateful families and purchased a piñata for the children at the coffee plantation and then we, the Gallo Gang, ended the trip with a couple fun, competitive soccer games with the Finca children. How many Canadians does it take to beat shoeless Guatemalan children at a game of soccer? More than eight!
How many Canadians does it take to finish Maria's house? Eight plus Chon and Oscar our Guatemala masons. It was so cool to finish the house and see Maria and her children's reactions. A tearful goodbye to Teresa and the children at Open Windows...Rachel cried a lot and then Moki and Bryan jumped onto that bandwagon, soon it was a complete snot fest. Who would have thought that we all would feel so strongly after two weeks! Especially as we are tough farmers and engineers and post office workers(at least a couple of us anyways) plus we are the Gallo gang! This is our last post as a team but Guate is in our hearts for good!

Peace out xxx
The Gallo Gang
(DWC Guatemala Team)

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