Monday, March 12, 2012

March 9th & 10th: Lake Atitlan, Zip Lining & Bhabi

Although the girls worked at an incredible speed, the boys still took the first point of the day for the amazing race victory!  We began our long journey on the road to Lake Atitlan and had the pleasure of listening to Ms Brar’s eclectic taste in music… “Those will be the best memories”. During lunch we all enjoyed a lakeside view until Ms Brar took her seat and Raj asked, “Can you sit on the floor with the cat, you’re blocking my view?”  
Then we took a boat ride to Santiago… When we got there, the girls spent the entire time wasting the vendors time bargaining and ended up only buying a $1 bracelet. Jordan and Karnjiv lucked out with their new room which included a bidet toilet. We were all excited to discover that we had poolside rooms at Hotel Dos Mundos. 

Next was zip lining... Half way through the vigorous 15 minute hike through the Natural Reserve Park, Ms Brar asked, “Are we there yet???” . We zip liners were definitely relieved to arrive at the first cable. Just when we were feeling like we got ripped off by spending $30 on a 22 second zip line, we learned that, in fact, there were 8 more zip lines awaiting us!!! The zip line experience concluded with Raj winning the "Worst and Craziest EVER on the Ropes Course" – the group was proud to have earned such a prestigious title. Well done, Raj! 

The night ended with pizza, pop, and a good old game of Bhabi (Indian card game). So far, today’s points tally is: Girls 4 – Boys 3… There is one point left to be earned for winning the game of Bhabi…

Panorama Ridge Secondary
DWC Team
Guatemala, March 2012

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