Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11th: Haggling at the markets, ruins and a traditional Guatemalan meal

We all definitely missed Fernando’s this morning... We have been spoiled by his delicious fresh fruit juices, exceptional coffees and tea selection, and organic eats. WARNING: Parents do not read this next part of the blog… We all participated in breaking a serious law on our way to the market… Each person in our crew proved themselves to be expert hagglers!!!  We all scored great deals…and Mahabhir was so proud that he was called “Cheap” by a vendor, and Raj was called "Pinocchio" by another vendor who called his bluff. 

As we waited to board our van, we were outsmarted by a couple of 8 year olds. For the second time, Jordan stole Raj’s order at lunch. The boys, minus Jordan, decided to have a history lesson with Manny instead of exploring the ruins with the rest of the group. Amar was fired just as quickly as he was hired as our tour guide’s official assistant. Gerlinde prepared a traditional Guatemalan homestyle meal for dinner and Fernando shared his mint and pepper dark chocolate – YUM!!!  Then, we had the convenience of watching the procession in the streets from our rooftop deck. This procession marked the end of Lent. Tomorrow, it’s back to work…

Panorama Ridge Secondary
DWC Team 
Guatemala, March 2012

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