Friday, March 23, 2012

March 22: Another hard day on the project, followed by a rewarding dinner

More bricks and building continued today. We started our day by mixing more cement and making holes in bricks so that it can be used to make walls for the house. Drilling through the bricks with a hammer and nail was a bit challenging as we broke several bricks, but managed to get many of them completed. We have been having quite a lot of interesting meals in Guatemala. Our lunches have been amazing; some of the things we have tried are, "Pepian" which was soup with veggies, meat and rice. Chilli Rellanos was a scrumptious dish, which was stuffed pepper with pasta and broccoli. As for tomorrow we will be having Estofado, which is slow cooked meat. 

After lunch we decided to get half of the team to work with the kids and half on the work site. Hannah, Daylin, Karlee and Liv gave away hand made baby hats in one of the poorest areas of our village. They also did some finger knitting with the kids on the street. The rest worked on the house very diligently and finished off at 4:00pm. We waited for the bus and then headed for a dinner with another team at the home of one of the Board Directors of Open Windows. The place was beautiful, it had a swing with a fish pond in front of it and gorgeous buildings. For dinner we had pizza and salad, ending with chocolate cookies as dessert. 

We headed to the hotel around 6.30pm and decided to get tank shirts so that we can look like a team as we play a soccer game tomorrow. Stay tuned to get results on our big soccer game, which starts at 9am in the morning tomorrow.

Nelish (Sahali Secondary)
DWC Participant
Guatemala, March 2012

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