Friday, March 23, 2012

March 21: Dirt, Rocks, Sand and Fun...Oh my!!

¿Guats up? Day 6 was another successful day for the Guats Crew. We did a variety of tasks from mixing concrete to playing with the kids... Day 6 had it all! We started off with moving more bricks and cutting the last bit of rebar. We collected some wood to act as walls for the concrete we soon made after on the ground. We had to mix 5 wheel barrels of dirt, 2.5 barrels of rocks, 2.5 bags of concrete, and a lot of water. After mixing the cement we made a human chain and began pouring the heavy cement. We ended our day with refreshing glass bottled beverages of pop. 

After our day of building, we rendezvoused back at Open Windows. Here, we interacted with the local children. The team broke out into groups which consisted of a number of activities: skipping, finger knitting, soccer, frisbee, arts and crafts, hopscotch, and chaos. The children were filled with excitement and laughter. We loaded the van around 4pm to head back to our hotel in Antigua. Once we got to our hotel we cleaned up and set our selves free into the depths of Antigua for the fifth time. Some of us ordered in pizza and others chose to experience dinner by themselves (the fine establishment of Mcdonalds). After our hard day of work, people nuzzled into their beds. 

Adios Amigos!

Mikuss, Norris and Lissell (Sahali Seconday)
DWC Participants
Guatemala, March 2012

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