Monday, March 26, 2012

March 23: The soccer game and a tough goodbye

On Friday we played our soccer game against a pretty good team of Guatemalan boys! We all played (except Olivia because of her knee) and ended up winning!!!!!!! WE ARE THE FIRST EVER CANADIANS TO BEAT THE GUATEMALANS! Everyone had a great time and the boys on the Guatemalan team were playing for Liam and Noah's shoes! Even though we won, they still got shoes and the other boys got jerseys. It was our last day on the work site and therefore a little sad. We didn't get to finish the house but we did get a lot done! The family that we were building for were so grateful and they helped as much as they could with digging and carrying building material. We all wish that we could stay for another week to hang out with the kids and maybe finish building the house. Oh well, most of us hope to come back some day soon.
It was tough saying goodbye to Teresa and all of the kids at Open Windows too! We had had such a good time meeting everyone and getting to know how they live their lives. It's weird to think that we might never see them again... Teresa says that we can email them via her email, so hopefully we can keep in contact with our favorite little munchkins!

Hannah (Sahali Secondary)
DWC Participant
Guatemala, March 2012

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