Friday, March 23, 2012

March 20: A hard day's work!

Happy Brick Day! Today we showed up to the work site to find 600 plus bricks in a big work truck. We had the delightful task of moving them to a more convienient spot. We had some difficulties at the start but managed to pull it off despite the the weak links (the girls) in our human chain. After that was finally complete and we lifted the last brick we thought the work load would get easier, but we were wrong. We moved huge truck loads of cements, rocks, dirt and re-bar into the site, followed by digging a 4-foot deep trench where the house would be and cutting the re-bar into 300 small pieces while the rain poured down on our scalps. We came home after the most physically demanding day yet to a cold shower whether we wanted it or not since one of the girls had her daily 30 min hot shower before us... you know who you are :)  We finished off the day with a trip to the market to buy our wonderful parents and friends (excpecially Melanie and Laurie) gifts. We hit the hay early at 2am for a good long sleep till 7am.

Chris & Noah (Sahali Secondary)
DWC Participants
March, Guatemala 2012

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