Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 19: Open Windows and learning about the village

Today was our first day of work in the village. We arrived at the Open Windows Foundation at 9 30 this morning and got a tour of the childrens literacy program. There is a classroom, library and a small computer lab. Next we got a tour of the village from Teresa, one of the co-founders of the foundation. We were able to see how the people live and how impoverished the people are. We saw a public wash basin and learned that people only get paid 20 Q ($2.50) a day. We also walked in a compound with ten rooms and a couple of bathrooms. The kitchen is shared by everyone but it is by no means a kitchen like ours. Each family's room has one bed that sleeps all of them. We met the family we will be building a house for which consists of three kids and two parents. Their house was made of corrugated sheets of tin resting on thick branches. We tore the home down to create space for the new one. Tomorrow we start building the home and working with the children more.

Karlee & Daylin (Sahali Secondary)
DWC Participants
March, Guatemala 2012

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