Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 12: Back to work and preparing for our soccer game

The group started out the day bright and early and made their way to the worksite. It was a grueling day of moving the different materials needed to make cement; the group finally finished the flooring of the house. After a hard day’s work, everyone came back and displayed all of the supplies they brought for the kids. Theresa was very happy about all of the new materials for the learning center. Afterwards the group all got together and practiced their soccer skills in preparation for tomorrow’s big game.  

While the hard workers slept, the rest of the crew went off to the local markets in Antigua. Before dinner, Jasmin and Kiran attempted to wake the hibernating bears (Mahabhir and Raj) so that we could all go to dinner. After an amazing dinner of salad, lasagna and garlic bread, we are all ready to hit the bed in order to prepare for our victory against the local soccer team.

Panorama Ridge Secondary
DWC Team
Guatemala, March 2012

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