Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 13: The soccer game

After getting an hour and half extra to sleep; the Panorama crew made their way down to the local soccer field. Everyone worked hard and played amazing, but we still lost to the local team 2-11 with Amar netting both of our goals. The group was happy that the local team won because for most of the kids here, playing soccer is one of the things that makes them really happy. The boys were super excited about getting the t-shirts Mahabhir had brought for them. The group made their way back to Open Windows in order to prepare for their afternoon activity with the children. The group spent an hour making crowns with all the children at the center. Everyone came home exhausted, though we rested and then got ready to head down to the markets once again. After grabbing some ice cream from our favorite place here in Antigua, we spent some time shopping. Once again we enjoyed another wonderful dinner at Fernando’s and now are all ready for bed.

Panorama Ridge Secondary
DWC Team
Guatemala, March 2012

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