Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18th: Building and Colouring

Building a house. Such a massive project in our minds, but in reality, it is a 12 x 14 room. Hardly enough room for a 7 person team. The project may be small but will be a significant help to Maria and her children. Three of the four rooms consist of cracked concrete and dirt floors. By pouring a cement floor in one room and painting the other it will create a brighter, more enjoyable place to live.

Being the small workspace it is, there is often not enough space for each member to work productively. However, it has given us the opportunity to aid other parts of the community.

Colouring. Something we learn and enjoy as children. Something the Finca children have never experienced but were able to do so today. This morning we brought crayons, colouring books, materials to make bracelets, and candy which to us is normal to us, but is a rarity for the children. Seeing the smiles and excitement in their faces was a rewarding feeling for all of us. Children are put to work at such a young age that many of them have never set foot in a school or library. Imagine turning 10 and already having the responsibility of caring for your siblings when you have never had the opportunity to get an education.

The Gallo Gang
(DWC Guatemala Team)

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