Monday, August 24, 2009

August 22: Our trip to Pacaya Volanco

This is Shannon, I am going to tell you about our trip to Pacaya Volanco.

After a long Van ride to this volcano we had a really long walk UP that was 2,255 meters. Two of us took the horses for an extremely enjoyable ride up (it was scary in parts for these two.) We won't tell you who they were. The walk UP was like hiking up Grouse Mountain X2 except with sharp lava rocks and on lava sand. Watching out for horse poo and trying not to get cuts all over ourselves (which didn't work so well because we got some anyways. Also it was really HOT at the top. After our long walk UP this volcano, we worked up a big appetite. We enjoyed our meal at a Thai Resturant called Cafe Flor with a live pianoist and singing in the background. It was amazing!

I hope you enjoy reading this.
Shannon Barker

Developing World Connections Volunteer Participant

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