Monday, August 24, 2009

August 21/22: The much anticipated soccer game.


Yet another beautiful day in sunny Antigua, Guatemala for the DWC contingent. The day started out as usual, at a fabulous little café named Fernando´s just a few steps from our accommodations. The coffee in Guatemala is absolutely amazing, I´m sure that there will be many pounds brought home.

The boys made a lot of headway at the school today, wrapping up the majority of the window installations, and the electrical work. The girls have nearly completed their painting of the new building at open windows, things are really coming along nicely.

We spent the early part of the afternoon playing games, singing songs, and doing crafts with the children at Open Windows; it sure is nice to give the kids a bit of structure, but still be able to make it fun for them. The Canada vs. Guatemala soccer game dominated the later afternoon´s activity, pitting the DWC volunteers against the finest young up and coming soccer players San Miguel Dueñas had to offer. Team Guatemala got an early 2 goal lead on team DWC; we kind of started out a bit slowly, but started to find our legs in the second half. Some late game heroics by "Coach" Golby and "Homer" Barata saw team DWC pull to within a goal of team Guatemala, but a botched penalty by "Clutch" Dufficy enabled the home team to come away with the victory. Fun was had by all involved, and a rematch is slated for next week!

Our evening was spent dining at a quaint little Italian restaurant near the main square, accompanied by our friend Andrew from Alabama. Andrew is here on a volunteer mission with the Open Windows Foundation, and will be celebrating his one month anniversary in a few days. Congratulations Andrew, good luck with the remaining 4 months of your stay!

Terry Chiasson

Developing World Connections Volunteer Participant

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