Monday, August 24, 2009

August 23rd: Atitlan Lake!

Hola from Mono Loco Internet Cafe in Antigua!

After a tiring day climbing Pacaya Volcano, we started our day by waking up at 6am to get to breakfast at 6:30. Then, after a 1 hour bus ride, we arrived at a market near Lake Atitlan where street vendors line the streets to promote their goods. Many of them would come up to you and prompt you to buy their items, which would most likely be met with a ¨non gracias (no thanks in spanish)¨ by our crew. Bartering is the name of the game and after much practice, I have to say I am a bit more familiar with that form of art. Almost no one from our Canadian crew left the market empty handed. A good hour and a half was spent in the market and a two hours bus ride to the infamous Lake Atitlan ensued.

Lake Atitlan was marvelous; a lake of crisp blue water enclosed by towering volcanoes. The scene was surely one to note and remember.We had lunch while enjoying a full view of the lake but let´s just say that time stood still in the restaurant which made it extra long.
After, we walked on the beach for a bit while taking group pics everywhere we go.

After a long stay of outdoor adventures, to pass the three hours ride back to Antigua, the van lit up with team bonding activities, and fun was definitely had by all.

Dinner was great and we all look forward to get back to work and be with the kids once again tomorrow!

Adios from Guatemala!

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