Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 9th, 2011: Our first couple days...

We are having an amazing experience so far. Today was the first day we got to get some work done on the job site. We brought in all the bricks, cement, and gravel. The work space is very confined, therefore making it hard for everyone to be working at the same time and we have to remake the foundation before we start building the house back up. Because of the little space and not enough work we have been having some people come back to the school to work with the children and prepare the walls for a new paint job.

On our first day we toured Antigua and had a lot of fun in the market. Now, because we are not all able to work, we also toured San Miguel with the host partner, Teresa. We bought candies to handout to all the children and families at a coffee plantation home. Few families were there and we cannot imagine how full it would be with 500 families in the one area. It is funny because in Canada if we were to drive down the street and handout candy from a white van we would be shunned instead of loved.

Even though it is just the start of our trip, we have had many amazing experiences and cannot wait to have some more!

DWC participants
Taylor-Rae Harvey & Moki Slingerland

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