Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th, 2011: Working hard and experiencing surrounding areas

Hello DWC fans,

The project is near completion. Our beloved, hard workers, Oscar and Chone (aka. Tron) have been working hard along side the DWC volunteers. Our tallest member, Brian has recently been promoted to brick layer. Monique has been stirring the concrete mix while the others paint and move rubble.
This past weekend, our crew traveled to a far away paradise, Lake Atitlan and scaled the dangerous, active "Pacaya Volcano". At the lake we were able to experience many parts of the Guatemalan and Mayan culture. Loyal and respectful. Volcano Pacaya was a grueling but an exhilarating climb. The view was impeccable! Our first week was full of adventure, battling sickness and lack of sleep, but we were able to contribute a considerable amount to the project in San Miguel Duenas.

Your dear amigos,
The Gallo Gang
(DWC Guatemala Team)

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