Monday, June 1, 2009

My Soundtrack to Guatemala.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I gave my team five questions to answer on the day that we arrived to help them reflect on who they are and what they find important in and essential to their life, my answer to the question, “what is one thing that you packed that you think you can’t live without” was iPod. If you ever catch me on the street in Toronto I definitely have my iPod on. Same thing when I am working out at the gym, grocery shopping or reading at a coffee shop. I have songs that remind me of certain days in my life, of friends, of family and especially of my best travel memories. The word memories doesn’t even really describe it though. It’s more like moments.

We went to Lake Atitlan this weekend and after a long and amazing bus ride winding through the mountains and volcanoes, I turned to Lisa and said, “Have you ever had one of those moments that are just perfect, and then the perfect song comes on your iPod at the same time too and it is just that much better.” She burst into a big smile and said “Yes! I love that!” Lisa and I went to high school together and have been close for years now, so I actually knew that she would get exactly what I meant.

We spent hours driving around the Guatemalan highlands this weekend and I love every minute of it. I’m also a huge car-ride-loving person. So, I thought maybe it would be fun to share my soundtrack, instead of just writing about my experience. Each one has atleast one line that I love. And, some I just love… because they came on at the right time, when I was in the right place..

‘Better People’ – Xavier Rudd

“Giving food to the hungry or to the needy, giving life to a baby, giving care for free. There is freedom around us. We have everything we need, and I will care for you because you’ll care for me… There’s good people around with more good to do…”

‘Ain’t No Reason’ – Brett Denen

“Keep on building prisons, going fill them all. Keep on building bombs, going drop them all.”

‘All About You’ - Classified

“Life… its all about you. So, every morning when you wake, before the first step that you take just thinks its all what you make it and you’ll make it through. is all about the things you’ll never figure out… it’s all about the people you allow and the memories you keep.”

‘Running’ – Danny Michel

“Run. I’m running all the time. I’m running to the future… with you right by my side.”

‘Chocolate’ – Snow patrol

“This could be the very minute I’m aware I’m alive. All these places feel like home”

‘360’ – Asa
(the song I do yoga to on the roof… when the sunsets over the volcanoes)

“All you are looking for is with you. Open your eyes. Soften your mind, ears and mouth…as I song my song… as you hear my words. ”

And, ‘Square One’ – Coldplay

“My song is love…”

Love from Guatemala,


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