Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Things About Guatemala…

Here is our list of the best things about Guatemala.
By Joelle Tomlinson and Heather Farragher

15. Teresa (Open Windows - Project host)
14. Getting high fives from kids
13. Being disconnected from the technology that fills our life at home – constant text messages and blackberries
12. Being free from the distractions of home
11. Getting to play soccer anytime and anywhere with tons of kids
10. Living between two active volcanoes
9. Guatemalan people being so friendly that you absolutely cannot walk past someone without them saying
“Buenos dias!”
8. Guatemalan breakfast - eggs with tomato sauce, quesadillas and black beans
7. Learning Spanish
6. Seeing how happy children are to have the simplest things
5. Hot weather and plenty of sunshine
4. The juiciest fruit you can ever eat
3. Salsa dancing
2. Cold cervezas after a long hard day of work
1. Meeting new people

The few challenges we’ve dealt with in Guatemala…

1. Not being able to speak Spanish
2. Cultural differences
3. Sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd
4. Brutal cell phone reception so you can never call home
5. Handwashing your clothes (takes forever)
6. Dealing with drastic and constant changes in the weather
7. Killing huge bugs in your bedroom before you go to sleep
8. Team members dealing with that special kind of travel sickness
9. Getting bus drivers to let us off at the right stop
10. Sunburns

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Catarina said...

Welcome to Guatemala. The kids here are great! I hope you get to visit Lake Atitlan. It is the most beautiful place in the world, and less than 2 hours away from Antigua!