Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guatemala, San Miguel Duenas, Wednesday March 16, 2016

Day 4: Finishing the murals and working on the kitchen roof

Volunteering at the centre today truly gave us a sense of accomplishment. We finished the library mural and felt so proud that we were able to leave such a significant message with this community.
Stencil for the mural.

Jeev working on a mural stencil.

Gurs cutting out stencil for the mural.
Mrs. Mangat using the stencil

Close up of Mrs. Mangat painting the inspirational words

Angela painting the libray wall.
Finished work!

In terms of the construction project we were setting metal rods which will serve as a forum for the cement to be poured on. We are super excited to continue with the construction and hope that we will complete the roof of this kitchen by the end of this trip.

Lastly we feel that one of the most favourite parts of this journey has been spending time with the kids. We feel it will be hard to say good bye tomorrow and hope that we will have another awesome day with them tomorrow.
DWC team leader Jen, with one of the local youngsters.
We even found a MacDonalds!

Panorama Ridge Student
DWC Volunteer
Guatemala March 2016

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