Monday, November 30, 2015

Guatemala: San Miguel Dueñas: November 27 2015

Friday: Last day in Guatemala!

Well here it is our last day and it has been a great experience spending our time in Guatemala in Antigua with our board members. Today was a busy day, starting with an early departure to the Open Windows project and working on concreting the new kitchen bringing it to near completion. We finished up all we could do by lunchtime.

For lunch, we went to a bakery restaurant owned by one of the Open Windows board members. It was quite hot today, at least 25C and humid. We did a little shopping to take home souvenirs for our families then got an hour's rest. Then we met up for dinner with Rick Kurzac and Lisa Wiesner, two of 14 volunteers from the next DWC group working in Guatemala. We went to an amazing lookout up on a hill overlooking the city and three volcanoes. Back to the hotel, we packed and readied ourselves for the 2 a.m. flight back to Kamloops.
This has been a great trip and we feel very privileged to be able to come here to really make a difference in the lives of the people we have helped.

Theresa, Open Windows organizer

Bonnie still shoveling gravel.

More concrete for the wall.

Steady teamwork on the last day.

Developing World Connections board.

Janet reading with some students.
Bonnie Flanagan (photos) 
Bonnie and Neville (blog) DWC board members
Guatemala: November 2015

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