Thursday, August 13, 2015

Guatemala - San Miguel Dueñas: August 3 2015

 Starting the Project
After a weekend of travel and getting acquainted with new team members and reacquainted with former team members, we headed out to Open Windows early this morning. We were all eager to get our hands dirty and no one was disappointed.

Open Windows wants to be able to offer meals to the kids who use their services. However, the area currently in use as the kitchen is really just a corridor on the outside of the building. They have a four-burner hot plate and no counter space, sink or prep area. It was hard to understand how they prepare food in the current space. 

We were directed to the area where the new kitchen will be and started to break ground ­ literally. We got sledgehammers and crowbars and started smashing concrete to allow for a new foundation wall. At times it didn't seem like we were making any headway, but by taking turns and just plain perseverance, we got the majority of the area clear of existing concert by the end of the day. 

We also made metal support beams out of rebar, which turned out to be pretty slow work as well. ‎Another task, less glamorous, was removing nails from wood beams that were to be reused. Some members of the group noticed the flower garden was getting overgrown with weeds so they dug in and cleared it all up. Then they went on to the market and bought herbs to make it into a bit of a herb garden for use in cooking.

By the end of the day we were all covered in bits of rock, dirt and sweat.

A good first day was had by all.

DWC Participant
Guatemala: August 2015

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