Friday, March 21, 2014

March 20: Day 6

Hi Everyone,

Today was a very hot, long, and exhausting day for us here in Antigua. We started off with the usual breakfast at Fernando's before proceeding to the work sites. The "Dirt Bags" house is very near completion and "Das Chavos" has some catching up to do but is not too far behind. Team "Dirt Bags" would not be as far as they are without the assistance of dedicated leaders Jill and Peter (Mrs. Simpson's parents).

We spent the morning filling the cracks between the bricks with cement and hauling dirt. We began running out of jobs to do because as our buildings have progressed there have been things that only the professional builders can do. Therefore, we spent some time with the kids near our work sites drawing with chalk and finger knitting.

We went to our usual lunch location for another home-cooked meal. Today we had chicken soup and tortillas, for dessert we had papaya.

After lunch only a few of us returned to our work sites due to lack of jobs for us. Arjun, Rob and Robyn continued working on the house for the "Dirt Bags" and Sarah and Rachel went to the "Das Chavos" work site. Everyone else worked with the children at the center, except for Cole, who spent the afternoon with a doctor, from Florida, who was doing check ups on children from the village.

Later in the afternoon we all met up to play soccer against a team of Guatemalan children from one of the schools in the village. After a long day in the heat we were extremely tired and couldn't pull off a win but managed to keep it a close game and lost 5-4. After the game our bus was surrounded by children saying goodbye to us.

We went to Teresa's house for dinner, she is the volunteer coordinator for us and runs the Open Windows Foundation. All the teachers from the center joined us for dinner as well as a couple other volunteers, including our translator Patrick. Teresa toured us around her house, which was exceptionally beautiful.

Everyone is exhausted from a long day.

Buenos Noches

The Guat Crew
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Guatemala: March 2014

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