Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7: Completing our first house!

Our hard work pays off for a local Guatemalan family. By the end of day 2, our team had completed their first house, and reflected on the accomplishment: "Half the group went to one site and the other half went to a new families home. This family had 6 kids ranging from 18 to 2. Their house wasn't really a house so much as a makeshift shelter. Both families wash their clothes in the toilet. It is the saddest thing, but so happy that we can help them move forward with a new home! In one day we completed one house. It was a tin house for the family of 8. The tin roof they had was completely rusted out but it was borrowed and they had to give it back. It's so great that we were able to buy new tin for their home.The team really enjoyed the work. It was hard, but so worthwhile. Quite a departure from the Calgary day-to-day!"

Hopewell Residential Communities
DWC Corporate Social Responsibility Team
Guatemala, March 2013

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