Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 12th: A final reflection

Our last day in Guatemala, and it's a very emotional one. In the morning some of the group were able to finish the last tin home. As a team, we spent the afternoon completing the cinder block house. We were all together with the family as the last panels of the roof were installed. The Gonzalez family now has a new home to move into with a concrete floor, cinder block walls, enclosed windows and a door that locks. Teresa, Open Windows co-founder, translated for us as the father and mother thanked our team. Candelario, the father, thanked us for coming to their town and doing all of this work for them so that they can have a better home. He said they were so incredibly grateful that there are people who do work like this. He said that their prayers had been answered. Rob Kirsch handed over the house keys to the family and the kids (Jose, Daniel and Julio) were all smiles. We presented Maria Delfina (the mother) with a housewarming gift (our Canadian tradition) of a card with notes from all of us in it.

The hardest thing after that was packing up and hugging the family goodbye. We all made connections in some way with the families we helped here. We are coming back with a changed perspective, fuller hearts and are looking forward to seeing our friends and families again!

Muchos Gracias Open Windows, Developing World Connections y las familias de Guatemala!

Hopewell Residential Communities
DWC Corporate Social Responsibility Team
Guatemala, March 2013

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