Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17: Exploring the markets and town of Antigua

Today was our first full day in Antigua. Everyone was pretty tired last night but ready to go this morning. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast from the restaurant beside our hotel, Fernando's. The juice was unreal! Then we walked to the market, it was a beautiful sunny day! The market was really cool we saw everything you could imagine. Everyone split up and explored! Lots of people bought back packs, ponchos, plates, etc. It was really fun and we all got pretty good at bartering! Then we met up and walked to the main square where we ate lunch. The adults went to a yummy local place while the kids went to a very interesting hamburger place... It was an experience for sure, but the meals were only 18 Q which is like $2!! Super cheap:). 

After that we explored the village, it was really cool to see everything. A very gutsy little Guatemalan girl followed Chris and Mike around trying to sell them jewelry - she called them "Cheap men". Ha! Then a little boy followed myself and Liam around  trying to sell us musical instruments - liam got it for 5 Q less than me! Then it was Siesta time - some napped, some read, pretty quiet time after a long day in the sun! 

We all met up in the lobby and went to Fridays for dinner. We got to have make your own taco kits! It was super good - everyone was really hungry. Then walked downtown, got some ice cream and the boys made some new friends. Three little boys came up to Russell, Chris and Noah and asked for piggy back rides. This soon turned into a huge piggy back fight - they were running all over town with other little kids in tow. I have never heard so much giggling in my life! I think it made the little guatemalan boys day! 

Afterward, we came back to the hotel and had our secretly planned birthday party for Daylin! Over the course of the day we bought a pinata (for 2$ american!!!) candy, candles, and a Guatemalan cake. We led Daylin downstairs where he beat the little bunny pinata into a pulp, sang him happy birthday and ate a really good fruity vanilla cake! Now, I am just about to head up to the roof top to learn how to finger knit! Tomorrow we are hiking up the volcano and going swimming in some sort of pool, can't wait!

Alison (Sahali Secondary)
DWC Participant
Guatemala, March 2012

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