Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 2011: Day 1.

We are finally here. It seems like we have been traveling for ages to get here but that’s because we took the long route from Guatemala City to Coban, on to Tikal and then back to Guatemala City and finally to our destination in Antigua. Leaving Guatemala City on the direct route to Antigua was delightful as about half of the group decided to see much of the country. We were blessed with an excellent diver,Mario, who carefully guided us through the mountains to Coban and then on to Tikal where we were amazed by the Mayan ruins. A short flight back to Guatemala City through traffic jams to Antigua and we were off to Fernando’s to meet up with the rest of the group for dinner. It was this wonderful group who has decided that they were ready to help the people of San Miguel Duenas by building a couple of houses for those less fortunate than ourselves through Developing World Connections with Team Leader Preston Thom.

The group is a diverse and eclectic bunch all with big hearts and willing hands. We are settling in to our new home for the next two weeks, the Hotel Casa de la Fuentes. It is a beautiful inn in the heart of Antigua.

On Sunday morning it was warm and sunny. Everybody was in a great mood after a breakfast and Marcy had arranged through a friend and Guatemalan activist to meet us and help us all understand the history at a local museum. Later we strolled through the streets and all met for lunch at Hectors – Outstanding meal! We will definitely go back next week.

Cocktails and the Superbowl in the afternoon.

So far off to a great start Day 1.

Preston Thom

DWC Team Leader

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