Monday, August 31, 2009

Post from the Team Leader

I believe I should tell you something about our group.

We range in age from 18 to 29 with the addition of a couple who are eligible to receive CPP cheques.

We have two sets of sisters, 'Master Painter' Ashley and her 'Hey let me do that' sister Nicole, Alia our group organizer and her card sharp sister Salina, then a very determined Shannon and Anita who has taken on a kind of 'Den Mother' role. On the boys side Riley (who doubles as our soccer coach) and Jimmy are our two camera buffs closely followed by Ryan and Terry. Shawn mans our 'Farmacia' and is the trickster. Chris is the quietest (if that is possible) yet still holds his own with the rest.

The group has taken on any and many varied tasks and in addition have shown an tremendous talent for being able to connect with the children at Open Windows so readily. Riley, in his first attempt, did admit to being out 'knitted' by one little girl he called the 'Alpha' knitter of the school.

As raucous as they may be (Anita and I sneak off for 'quiet time' every now and then) these young people have done all that has been asked of them including providing a daily blog.

If young people are to be the future, and I truly believe they are, then I have no doubt that this group of volunteers will feature very prominately. It has been a priviledge to have had the opportunity of being associated with them.

Tony Dufficy
DWC Team Leader

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