Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 18/19:Repairing, Reading and Readying ourselves for the soccer game

Hey everyone,
Jimmy here and I'd like to fire a few updates along your way.
Today was the first day that everyone started to get down to business in terms of our own work projects. What this consisted of included groups working on electrical repairs and replacements, a team working on fixing and replacing windows, and painting up the education centre. These projects kept us all quite occupied during the beginning of the day, while the afternoon consisted of reading, playing, and learning arts and crafts with the children. Salina and Alia also revealed our team's donations to the Open Windows Foundation today, and they were very delighted with all the items that were there. We also had some time to hone our soccer skills as a group, as the big soccer game is only two days away. We've been hyped up (mostly due to Tony's tall tales), but I'm confident that we're going to be representing Canada pretty well, especially with Coach Riley Golby on our squad.

Today our group spent our time exploring the local market places and seeing what local treasures we could acquire. There was such a wide variety of colourful vendor stalls, each full of coloured beads, textiles, clothing, and other baubles. For those people in the audience who love a good negotiation, you should definitely give the markets here a go.
Speaking about going, I think it's about time for me to head on out. We just had some dinner at this delightful Caribbean restaurant called Los Palmos, a definite recommendation for that place is the tropical chicken skewers. Well that's it for me, take care everyone!

Jimmy Yan

Developing World Connections Participant

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